S.E.P. 2006 at UC San Diego

SEP 2006 Conference Schedule —

Thursday, May 18

Keynote Address (Empress Hotel - Torrey Room) - Shaun Nichols, "Intuitions and Individual Differences: The Knobe Effect Revisited."

• Reception to follow.

Friday, May 19

Time HSS 3027 HSS 7077 HSS 8025
9:00-10:00 Andrew M. Bailey
Biola University
"Some Unsound Arguments for Incompatibilism."
Derek Ball
University of Texas, Austin
"Bound Variables and Monstrous Semantics."
10:00-11:00 Mark Colyvan
University of Queensland
"Relative Expectation Theory."
Gurpreet S. Rattan
University of Toronto
"Sense, Analyticity, and Anti-Individualism: a New Choreography."
Bryson Brown
University of Lethbridge
"Achilles, Van Fraassen and the Laws of Nature."

11:15-12:15 Franz Huber
California Institute of Technology
"The Consistency Argument for Ranking Functions."
Michael Nelson
University of California, Riverside
"Actuality and Counterparts."
Jonathan Bain
Humanities & Social Sciences Polytechnic University
"Emergent Spacetime and Structural Realism."
12:15-1:15 Michael Huemer
University of Colorado
"Weak Bayesian Coherentism."
Charles M. Hermes
Florida State University
"Defending Weak Centering."
P.D. Magnus
University at Albany, SUNY
"Eliminating Induction."

2:15-3:15 Steve Kimbrough & Robert Axtell
University of Pennsylvania and the Brookings Institute
"On Concepts of Rationality in Games."
Otávio Bueno
University of South Carolina
"An Anti-Realist Account of the Application of Mathematics."
Murray Clarke
Concordia University
"A Solution to the Radical Concept Nativism Puzzle."
3:15-4:15 Dilip Ninan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Illusions of Influence in Newcomb’s Problem."
Charles S. Chihara
University of California, Berkeley
"Burges’s “Scientific” Arguments for the Existence of Mathematical Objects."
Robert Northcott
University of Missouri, St. Louis
"Natural-born determinists: Ex post versus ex ante judgments of probabilistic causation."
Keynote Address - Brian Skyrms, "Signals: Evolution and Learning."

Saturday, May 20

Time HSS 6008 HSS 7077 HSS 8025
9:00-10:00 Branden Fitelson
University of California, Berkeley
"Kim’s Argument for the Unconfirmability of Disjunctive Laws."
Nicholas Georgalis
East Carolina University
"Before Twin Earth."
Sarah Hoffman
University of Saskatchewan
"You Can't Mean That: Yablo's Figuralist Account of Mathematics."
10:00-11:00 Steven Savitt
University of British Columbia
"Time in the Special Theory of Relativity."
Kirk Ludwig & Susan Schneider
University of Florida and Moravian College
"Fodor's Challenge to the Classical Computational Theory of Mind."
Susan Vineberg
Wayne State University
"Proof and Explanation in Mathematics."

11:15-12:15 Alan Hájek
Australian National University
"A Puzzle About Degree of Belief."
Robert K Meyer
Australian National University
"AI, ME & LEWIS (Abelian implication, Material equivalence & C I Lewis 1920)."
François Lepage & Serge Lapierre
Université de Montréal and Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne
"A Generalized Kleene 3-value Logic."
12:15-1:15 Roman Frigg & Carl Hoefer
London School of Economics
"Probability in Spontaneous Localisation Approaches to Quantum Mechanics."
Greg Ray
University of Florida
"On the Independence of What Our Thoughts are About."
Edwin Mares
Victoria University of Wellington
"The Fact Semantics for Ramified Type Theory and the Axiom of Reducibility."

Keynote Address - Fred Dretske, "What Change Blindness Teaches About Conscious Experience."

Annual Banquet - The Brockton Villa

Sunday, May 21

Time HSS 6008 HSS 7077 HSS 8025
9:00-10:00 Kenneth A. Presting
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
"The Valuation of Choices."
  Gabriel Uzquiano Cruz
Ohio State University
"What’s in a Receptacle?"
10:00-11:00 Paul D. Thorn
University of Arizona
"Rationality and Inconsistent Beliefs."
Patricia Marino
University of Waterloo
"Toward a Modest Correspondence Theory of Truth: Predicates and Properties."
Boris Kment
University of Michigan
"The Similarity Account of Counterfactuals."

11:15-12:15 Charles Wallis
California State University, Long Beach
"The Proper Role of Know How in Epistemology."
Martin Montminy
University of Ottawa
"Two Contextualist Fallacies."
12:15-1:15 Sarah Wright
University of Georgia
"Epistemic Virtues and Reasoning about Probability."
Max Deutsch
East Carolina University
"The One and Only Argument for Radical Millianism."