Florida Philosophical Association

2003 Conference Program



Eckerd College

St. Petersburg, Florida


November 13-15, 2003










President:  Robert D’Amico, University of Florida

Vice-President:  Shelley Park, University of Central Florida

Secretary-Treasurer: Sally Ferguson, University of West Florida

Member at large:  Scott Kimbrough, Jacksonville University

Site Coordinator: Nate Andersen, Eckerd College




Thank you to all the members of the FPA who graciously participated in reviewing papers for this conference and to faculty at UNF and UCF who selected this year’s student award winners.


Thursday, November 13th

7:30-10:30         Reception   (Flamingo)



Friday, November 14th

8:30-9:30 a.m.    Continental Breakfast  (Flamingo)


9:30-10:30 a.m.  Concurrent Sessions


History of Philosophy I  (Spoonbill)  Chair:  Charles Guignon (USF)

“Kant, Taste, and Aesthetic Judgement,” Christopher Weaver (U of Miami)

“The Missing Dialogue Between Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty:  On the Importance of the Zollikan Seminars,” Kevin Aho (USF)


Philosophy of Science I (Heron I)  Chair:  Ronnie Hawkins (UCF)

“Boundaries and the Developmental Systems Approach to Evolutionary Theory,” Sally Ferguson (UWF)

“Game Invariance,” Zachary Ernst (FSU)


Ethics I (Heron II)  Chair:  Shelley Park (UCF)

“Reality Ethics, Moral Reasoning and Embodied, Dialogically Constituted Agents,” Suzanne Jaeger (UCF)

“The Future of Value,” Reinhold Schlieper  (Embry-Riddle)


Philosophy of Religion (Flamingo) Chair: Mustafa Abu-Sway (Al-Quds University, Jerusalem, Fulbright Scholar in Residence, FAU)

“A Unique objection to the Ontological Argument,” Mark Neunder (Miami Dade)

“Islam: What are We Afraid Of?” Ellen Klein (Flagler)


10:45-11:45 a.m.            Concurrent Sessions


Philosophy of Science II (Spoonbill)

Chair:  Scott Kimbrough (Jacksonville University)

“The Evolution of Altruism,” Stephen Morris (FSU)

“Teleological Deviance,” Peter Brian Barry (UF)


Epistemology and Metaphysics (Heron I)  Chair:  Kirk Ludwig (UF)

“The Puzzle of Non-Being,” Jeremy Morris (U of Miami)

“On Jackson’s Second Thoughts about the Knowledge Argument,” Ana Maria Andrei (UF)



Ethics II (Heron II) Chair: Suzanne Jaeger (UCF)

“An Argument Against Admirable Immorality,” Sandra Jane Fairbanks (Barry)

Psychopathy and Amoralism,” Brook Sadler (USF)


History of Philosophy II (Flamingo) Chair:  Michael Strawser (UCF)

“Transforming Hobbesian Sovereignty,” Nancy Stanlick (UCF)

“From Heidegger’s Kehre to Lacan’s Spinozist Critique of Sartre,” Erich  Freiberger (Jacksonville U)


Lunch on your own.   Past Presidents’ Luncheon TBA


1:30-2:30 p.m.   Concurrent Sessions


Ethics III (Pelican) Chair:  Nate Andersen (Eckerd)

“How to Be Morally Responsible without Really Trying,” Matt James (FSU)

“Wronging, Entitlement and Binding Contracts with Nonexistent Beings,” Elizabeth Giles (U of Miami)


Epistemology and Ethics (Heron I) Chair: John Riser (UCF, retired)

“The Role of the Evil Demon Hypothesis in Descartes’ First Meditation,” Peter Hanowell (FSU)

“Are there Thick Concepts?” Antti Kauppinen  (FSU)


Philosophy of Science III (Heron II) Chair: Fred Sale  (Gulf Coast CC, retired)

“The Myth of the Scientific Community in Kuhnian and Bayesian Approaches,” Michael Schaffer (UNC—Wilmington)

“Quantum Mechanics, Probability and Immortality,” Peter Lewis (U of Miami)


Metaphysics (Flamingo) Chair:  Peter Dalton (FSU)

“The Overdetermination Argument against Ordinary Objects,” Amie Thomasson” (U of Miami)

“The Shortcut Argument against Coincident Objects,” Gene Witmer (UF)


2:45-4:15 p.m.   Concurrent Sessions


Teaching Philosophy  (Pelican) Chair:  Andrew Alexander (Valencia CC)

“Creating Philosophy:  Using a Cooperative Learning Approach in the Classroom,” Michael Strawser (UCF)

"Textbooks for under $10: The New Options for Textbooks and Publishing," David Felder (FAMU)

LogicWorks,” Rob Brady and Ronald Hall (Stetson)

Philosophy of Mind (Heron I) Chair: Aron Edidin (New College)

“The Primacy of the Spoken Word:  An Adverbial View of Linguistic Representation,” Steven Geisz, (Rollins)

“On the Refusal to Defer,” Scott Kimbrough (Jacksonville U)

“Morgan’s Canon Revisited, Sean Allen-Hermanson (FIU)


Ethics IV (Heron II) Chair:  Sally Ferguson (UWF)

“Varieties of Consequentialism,” Piers Rawling & David McNaughton (FSU)

“For Every Good, an Evil,” Peter Dalton (FSU)

Universalizability and R.M. Hare’s Argument for Utilitarianism,” Kirk Ludwig (UF)


4:30-5:30 p.m.   Business Meeting  (Flamingo, Heron I and II)


7:00 p.m.           Banquet (Flamingo, Heron I and II)

Presidential Address:  “Philosophy: Any Defensible Province of Its Own?” Robert D’Amico (UF)

Saturday, November 15th

8:00-9:00 a.m.    Continental Breakfast (Heron I and II)


9:00-10:15 a.m.   Book Symposium I  (Flamingo)

Chair: Shelley Park (UCF)

Feminism, Foucault, and  Embodied Subjectivity (SUNY Press, 2002)  

Author: Margaret McLaren, (Rollins)

Commentators: Suzanne Jaeger (UCF), Joanne Waugh (USF)


10:30 a.m.-noon  Book Symposium II  (Flamingo)

Darwin and Design: Does Evolution Have a Purpose? (Harvard UP, 2003

Chair:  Dan White (FAU)

Author: Michael Ruse (FSU)

Commentators:  Ronnie Hawkins (UCF), Paul Draper (FIU), Eric Winsberg (USF)


Lunch on your own


1:30-2:30 p.m.   Student Awards (Flamingo)

Chair:  Nick Powers (UWF)

“Bergman’s Persona and the Mystery of Plot,” Dave Monroe (UWF)

Winner of the 2003 Gerrit and Edith Schipper Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Paper

“The Supervenience Argument, Jason Turner (FSU)

Winner of the 2003 FPA Graduate Essay Award