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What is the Society for Exact Philosophy?

Purpose: To provide sustained discussion among researchers who believe that rigorous methods have a place in philosophical investigations.

Activities: The Society meets annually, alternating between Canada and the U.S.

Membership requirements: Payment of annual dues.

Dues: $5 (Canadian or U.S.).

Two Steps to becoming a Member of the Society

To join the Society, you must do two things.

1) New members should send the following information (as appropriate) to the Secretary: name, email address, affiliation, mailing address; also, optionally, your web address. New members will be placed on our (low volume) SEP announcements email list.

2) Make an inaugural dues payment when the time comes. New applicants are made provisional members, pending inaugural dues payment during the regular annual dues cycle -- in summer/fall each year.

If you have questions, feel free to inquire.