The Philosophy Minor — Program Description

2. The Minor in Philosophy

(a) Admission to the minor

As with majors, students are encouraged to apply for the minor early, as minors are (along with majors) given special opportunities for registering for the area distribution requirement courses. Students may not apply for a minor until they have completed 45 credit hours. Applications for the minor are made at the CLAS Advising Center. To apply for the minor, there is no need to see the Undergraduate Coordinator. However, as with applications for admissions to the major at the upper division level, students should ensure that they can fit in the requirements for the minor in a timely fashion.

(b) Minor requirements (as of 2012 catalog year)

The minor in philosophy requires a total of 15 credit hours in philosophy. At least 9 credits must be at the 3000-level or above, and no more than six transfer credits may count towards the minor. There is also a distribution requirement. Students must satisfy at least two of the following four options:

Minor Distribution Requirements
1. PHI 2100 or PHI 3130 (logic option)
2. PHH 3100 or PHH 3400 (history option)
3. PHI 3500 or PHI 3300 (metaphysics and epistemology option)
4. PHI 3650 or PHM 3202 (value theory option)

Note on earlier catalog years:

Students with a catalog year of 2011 or earlier have a different distribution requirement (all the other requirements are the same). This requires that minors complete either (1) a history sequence that is, Ancient Philosophy PHH 3100 and Modern Philosophy PHH 3400, or (2) one course from that history sequence, and a logic course specifically, either PHI 2100 or PHI 3130. However, the department allows students with a catalog year of 2011 or earlier to use the 2012 distribution requirement for the minor, without changing their catalog year. To do so, students must contact the undergraduate coordinator.

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